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October 16, 2020

Hello To Our East Lake Village Community,

As we step into fall and theupcoming holidays, it has been 211 days, but who’s counting? Life is like being in a time warp. It feels like we are just moving from one day to the next without really “living” it.

Orange County continues to be inthe “red” zone and not making much progress, so we want to help decrease the numbers by being vigilant in wearing our masks, social distancing and washing our hands.

We continue to have concern for our 65 and older residents, homebound residents, and those with underlying health issues, so please keep your fellow neighbors in mind.

We also continue and try to keep up with the regular changes and demands being put upon us by our state/federal governments and health agencies. The Board of Directors wants you to know that we share your concern about the potential of COVID-19, and we know how contagious it is. The health and welfare of the community is our top priority. East Lake Village is therefore exercising caution and has been taking reasonable measures to prevent the potential contraction and spread of such viruses.

211 days ago there was a lot of trepidation as to how to live our lives and into the foreseeable future. Well, the future is now and it looks like things will remain somewhat the same for some time.

The good news is that the State and County have lifted some restrictions and the Board of Directors has approved the following (with thoughtful guidance):

  • The Clubhouse pools will be heated through November 30
  • No reservations are required, but everyone 8 years and older must have their East Lake ID and scan in at the Front Desk
  • No guests are allowed
  • Guests are allowed on the boats, ONLY
  • Masks are required when entering/exiting boats and interfacing with Staff
  • Everyone must have a mask on when coming on/off the boats, and interfacing with staff.
  • During weekdays in the off-season (the day after Labor Day through the Friday before Memorial Day) a reservation is required in advance for all boats. Reservations must be made with the Clubhouse no later than close of business the day before the reservation date. (Reservations are not required on weekends.)
  • Holiday Boat Reservations will be available!

During the holiday season (December 1st—30th) the Boathouse will be extending its hours for homeowners to enjoy the holiday lights out on the lake. We will have the CATs available with cruising lights.

The motorized larger electric boats, which hold up to 10 on the CAT, require homeowners to be certified and are by reservation only.

Reservations will be taken on thehour and half past the hour. (Last check out at 8:30pm)

Holiday Boat Reservations made in person only beginning - Saturday, November 14 at 9:00am at the Front Desk of the Clubhouse. Social distancing will be observed.

Please note that you will not beable to make a reservation by phone until Sunday, November 15 at 9:00am.

Due to the large demand, limited number of boats available, and new COVID cleaning protocols, homeowners are permitted only one reservation per household for the holiday season. Keep in mind we have over 2,200 homes and these time slots fill up fast!

  • Holiday Events….Well, unfortunately, all holiday events have been cancelled, but we are trying to come up with something to give you. One of those things has been to allow guests when checking out the boats. Secondly, look for the Holiday Lights lighting up a bit early this year – this will hopefully add a kick to your walk around the lake or as you’re driving to and from your errands. You should have received the eblast regarding a few of Halloween contests and activities currently in progress.

Although many of our privileges and events have been cancelled, I wish to compliment the staff for their work on the big fountain for Halloween!!! What a fun surprise to drive down the street and see our very own “Fun House Fountain” (is that a thing). Who knows what they’ll come with next! Family Photo Fun Spot!

We also have extended heating all pools through November 30, 2020, while the RC II will also remain heated until we can reopen the fitness center to normal operations. To help break up the monotony of you and your children working from home all day, don’t forget about the family friendly exercise spots located around the lake.

Some suggestions of what can you personally do to help?

  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Consult with your doctor if you are sick or feeling symptoms; call ahead for appointments.
  • Wash your hands often and for at least 20 seconds. This is one of the best ways to defend against viruses.
  • Avoid close contact with individuals who are showing flu-like symptoms. Practice 6-foot social distancing.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Viruses can't get through the skin, but they can spread after touching your mouth or face.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and support as we continue to navigate through these challenging times. We will continue to evaluate our procedures and protocols as needed and provide updates to our residents via eblast as appropriate.


Bridget Blehm, President

Board of Directors

East Lake Village Community Association

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