Located at 5325 Village Center Dr. Yorba Linda, Ca 92886


East Lake Village Community Association (“East Lake” or the “Association”) is a California Mutual Benefit Corporation, a type of non-profit organization.  It is supported by the membership through monthly assessments or dues.  A portion of those dues pays employee wages.  The assessments also cover maintenance of facilities, including utilities, swimming pools, lake, landscaping, Clubhouse, Boathouse, recreation, administration, and reserves for future expenses.  These items are itemized in the annual budget sent to the members.

The Association is known as a common interest development. The development has common areas, which can be used by the members.  Purchase of a home in East Lake automatically entitles the owner to membership in the Association.  Paying assessments are mandatory and penalties are applied per the delinquency policy for unpaid dues.

Ownership in the Association has certain rights, remedies and restrictions as set forth in the legal documents.  These documents are the basis for the rules, which regulate the Association.  They include architectural controls, restrictions on vehicles and maintenance requirements, to name a few.  The Association is governed by the Board of Directors who are elected by District Delegates.

East Lake Village Community Association has a sub-association called East Lake Village Shores Community Association (sometimes referred to as the “Shores Association”).  The homeowners living on the lake are members of East Lake Village Community Association (sometimes referred to as the “Master Association”) AND the Shores Association, and pay an additional fee to the Master Association for maintenance of the lake.  The Shores Association is managed by an off-site management company, which collects the Shores assessments and handles maintenance of the common areas for the 191 shoreline homes.

The first homes in East Lake Village were built by S&S in the late 1970’s.  The Development was completed in 2005 with 2,240 homes.  The entire property covers about 850 acres, 15 acres of which is the lake.  Of all the characteristics perhaps the lake makes East Lake Village a most unique place to live.  The lake gives the Association a resort atmosphere.  Ducks, fishing, boating and the landscaping create a casual environment.  Homeowners utilize the common area facilities for their exercise, relaxation and enjoyment.



According to East Lake Village Community Association’s Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, the purpose of ELVCA is:

To promote the common health, safety, benefit, recreation and welfare of the Owners/Members and for the improvement and maintenance of Lake Properties.

Upon this foundation, set forth in 1978, this homeowner development has grown, matured and evolved from its original design.  We are no longer dependent upon the developer for how we govern ourselves; we have sought, achieved, and continued to promote our autonomy in a democratic form of government.  Hence the Board of Directors, in an ever-evolving effort to clearly define the goals, implement policy and provide for the administration of the Association, adopted the following:

It shall be the policy of East Lake Village Community Association to create a friendly and open atmosphere for all members and their guests for the enjoyment of the facilities and programs while improving and maintaining the Lake Properties (assets of the Association) in a prudent and business-like manner.

Emphasis is placed on the phrase “friendly and open,” and it is the membership’s responsibility to hold the Board and all members of the Association accountable for sustaining this atmosphere.